Multimedia Installation: VR Experience, body tracking visuasls, AR, AI
Sigil is an experience developed for the metaverse as part of our showing work on Inmensiva’s residency that took place in March of 2022.

The collaborative installation of mixed reality is an experiment around the idea of digital transition, it tryes to awaken the sacred sense, re imagining and proposing a mistic experience inhabited inside the metaverse. Users are encourage to interact in collaboration with each other in order to solve a labyrinth filled with arquetipic symbols and mystic figures. Intimate encounters of cross platforms resemble the sensation of reencarnation in virtual spaces.  

In collaboration with fellow residents: Nial Hill, Commonolithic
Juan Cabrera, Irem Coban, Francisco Macía, Isidro Escoba

︎IMMENSIVA 2022 - Residencia Espronceda, España
︎New Images Festival 2021, Francia
Residencia INMENSIVA en Espronceda, 2022