Video art
In colaboration with sound artist Sol Rezza
Filaments of a Circle is a series of audiovisual pieces with an experimental narrative that explore the notion of Alice in Wonderland’s syndrome, a clinical disorder characterized by brief episodes of distortion in the perception of body image and of the size, distance, shape or spatial relationships of objects and time.

The narrative is composed of 4 stories. Each story describes a particular object or situation given by different collaborators in different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German.

It seems that the writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) suffered from severe migraines and may have experienced this syndrome, which was reflected in Alice’s experiences during her journey down the rabbit hole. In these strange times, we are going through a distortion of reality, of the present time and a sense of incomprehension of our future. We find ourselves disoriented in a sea of possibilities, technology has completely changed our ways of perceiving the world around us. We find ourselves going down the rabbit hole.

This piece was developed during the pandemic.
︎Novas Frecuencias 2021, Rio de Janeiro
︎ IN/OUT festival 2021
Filamentos de un círculo, 2021