COCACHAUCA - DOCUMENTARY   in collaboration with Julieta Gutierrez 

Two locations in South America converge in a contemplation about time passing through materia. Villa Epecuén, Argentina 37°10 S,  a town once sinked by a lagoon now rests in ruins. Iquitos, Perú 10° 00 S, the wild jungle on the amazonic river shore. Both coexisting on time exposed to several phenomena true to their goeography and caracteristics. Concrete, iron, stone, organic materia and water.

Is it possible to measure the deterioration? How does the transformation of materials come to be? How they give birth to new organisms? Whats the relation between live forms and decomposition?

︎ Transcinema - Festival Internacional (Perú 2016)
︎CINECIEN - Ganador a mejor película en la categoría de innovación (Argentina 2017)
︎SANFICI - Festival internacional de cine independiente (Colombia, 2017)
︎FAB Festival audiovisual de Bariloche (Argentina,2018)
︎DOCSMX | Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México (Mexico 2018)
︎MACBA - Cine de artistas (Argentina, 2018)

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