Analucía Roeder also Rafa Roeder is a multimedia artist based in Barcelona.

Immersive and intimate, her practice waves between virtual and physical spaces, mixing icons and seeking to engage spectators and users perceptually. Experience driven, her degree in film studies, makes her work climatic and engaging,  integrating different tools such as 3D, VR, AI and documentary, that allow her to explore moving images playfully. The recurrent themes in her work are: Questioning hegemonic systems and constructions around creating, technology and society.  Trying to eliminate the diffuse line between what is real and what is not.  Examining and problematizing female role through auto - representation.

Relentlessly questioning, she portrays systems of any kind, as apparatus to be deconstructed in order to have a true and broader notion of how they operate. Her work has been exhibited at various festivals and venues including MACBA (Contemporanean art museum, Argentina), CINECIEN (Scientific film festival, Argentina), Mutek (Electronic music and digital arts festival, Canada) and Somerset House Studios (Amplify’s Residency, UK). She is part of Mutek’s Amplify cohort since 2019 and was also a film professor at EPIC Film School and IPP Institute for Advertisement from 2017 to 2022 in Lima, Perú.