my name is ︎Analucía Roeder also go by Rafa Roeder


I am a multimedia artist educated as a filmmaker.
I work with different mediums << 3D, A/V, VR, AR.

My work alternates virtual and real spaces trying to engage users and spectators on a non-narrative way experimenting with languages, senses and perception in order to build up immersion. ︎︎︎

I started as a documentalist and then expanded to multiple platforms. On 2016 my documentary “Cocachauca”, won as most innovative film on CINECIEN in Argentina where I lived almost 10 years and also made an A/V performance called “Angulo Obtuso”. In 2019 Inside A my first VR solo experience premiered at Sommerset House Studios. I am also part of the Amplify program an initiative that connects female identifying artist working on art and technology.

At the moment I’m based in Lima, Perú. I’m exploring mixed reality mediums, AI and live performances. I’m also a film teacher at film school EPIC and IPP Institute.